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Common Mistakes made at a Company Office Party


Attending a corporate event can be a career maker or career breaker. It is an opportunity for you to network and socialise with the corporate decision makers on an informal level. But don’t get too comfortable, and follow these simple rules in order to avoid career suicide.
1.       Remember that you are still at an office event and that you are being watched by many people every minute. 
2.       Try to attend as many office parties and social events as possible. Non attendance can be perceived as not fitting in, a lack of commitment and could hurt your reputation. If you have other plans, try to make an appearance for at least 30 minutes.  Avoid partying and drinking until all hours as this can appear irresponsible.
3.       Try to remain professional at all times. It is still a company event and you should maintain a level of respect and corporate etiquette.
4.       Make sure you appear to enjoy yourself as employers spend money to reward their employees and they want to know that the staff appreciates the effort made.
5.       Dress appropriately for a business event. Ensure you know whether the attire is formal or casual. Try not to be too revealing and wear your more conservative party clothes.   Keeping your reputation for good taste in tact is necessary to progress your career in the right way.
6.       Try not to be overly flirtatious and avoid inappropriate comments and behaviour.   This is still not a social environment and the company is responsible for the behaviour of all employees.   So do not create a HR issue by conducting yourself in an illegal or harassing way. One night of excessive liquor and unrestrained behaviour could see you on the unemployment lines.
7.       Keep the conversation positive and take an interest in your colleagues.  Remember that you should avoid controversial subjects such as religion and politics. Try not to brag and seem to complain too much.   People don’t like it when you talk about yourself and your accomplishment too much. It can become annoying and boring. You may end up a social pariah and this will ruin all your hard work.   Do not gossip about others as it may get back to them and you could create the wrong enemies within the business.  
8.        Drinking excessively is irresponsible and should be avoided. You want to make sure that you a coherent and social. Drinking to excess can make you belligerent, emotional and sloppy. No-one wants to hang around with the office drunk. Try to keep you drink in your left hand keeping your right hand free to shake hands and introduce yourself to relevant people.
9.       An office party is a great opportunity to network with the people that can influence and progress your career. It’s a great forum to make a lasting impression with people from other departments in the company. So build up your networks and introduce yourself to as many people as you can.
10.   Make sure you make responsible decisions after the party and do not drink and drive.   Inquire about cab services or appoint a designated driver on the night.
So make sure you make a lasting impression and schmooze the right people at the next company party to ensure that your career takes a step in the right direction. That is up through the company. Good luck!

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