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Tips on Planning the perfect Party

When planning a party there are many things one should consider. The first is the type of party you are planning. Is this an anniversary, Birthday Party, Bucks or Hens night, engagement party or kid’s party? No matter the type of party you need to follow the same fundamental steps. 
Step one in your party planning is once you have established your budget, you need to locate a venue. Will this party be outdoors or indoors? All of these things along with the type of party your hosting need to be decided before you decide on a theme for your event.   You may decide to host your party at a bowling alley for a bowling party or a swimming pool for a pool party. So consider carefully when choosing your venue.
There are many themes you could choose for your event. For an older crowd such as an anniversary or a mixed crowd like at bucks and hens nights, you may want to think about what sort of themes you would like for your event. A 50’s themed party is always fun, with cool outfits, leather jackets, full skirts and classic cars. Think Grease or Happy days and that should really help get you into the swing of things. Hire a juke box, and dance the night away to 50’s rock music. Your party food could consist of hamburgers and milkshakes. Other themes could include famous villain’s parties, superhero parties, and a character from a movie or TV show party. The possibilities are endless.
Once the venue, date and time have been finalized you can now create and mail or hand deliver your invitations.   When having a themed party it’s always nice to keep the invitations in line with the theme of your party. It is customary to send out the invitations at least 3-4 weeks before the event. Keep a guest list handy so you can record the RSVP’s for catering purposes. 
Before the party decide whether you are going to cater the event yourself or hire a caterer.   The time of day of the party will determine the type of catering you choose. For an evening event you may decide a sit down meal is appropriate, or a buffet. If you choose a cocktail party, then hot canapés and drinks are the way to go. For a day time affair, sandwiches, light lunches, pizza, chips and dips, quiches, spring rolls, pastries, salads, cakes for dessert and champagne or punch for refreshments. A brunch may include croissants, muffins, toasts and coffees, teas and juices for beverages.
Decorations on the day again need to reflect the theme of your event or party.   Streamers, balloons, centerpieces, napkins, placemats, banners, party favors are but a few examples of the things you could use to decorate the event. When planning your party you should always have a color theme in mind. Elegant combinations include blue and silver, purple and silver, black and white and yellow, burnt orange and olive green are just to name a few.
Entertaining your guests at that party is another important aspect in the party planning. Depending on your event, you may want hire live entertainment, DJ’s, Bands, caricaturists, illusionists, belly dancers, dancers, hypnotists, comedians, tarot readers, fairies and clowns. There is also a host of entertainment companies you can employ to make you party unique and spectacular.
When planning your next party or celebration, remember the key things to consider are budget, location, who to invite, themes and decorations, food and entertainment. The most successful parties are those planned in advance. As the old adage says practice make perfect and in the case your party, planning makes perfect. Have fun and Enjoy!

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