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Outdoor Event Catering

Outdoor event catering could mean anything from a garden wedding to a corporate event but one thing we do know - it includes some great food. There is probably also plenty of preparation involved and you will want to make things as easy for you as possible.

Create Party Invitations Online

Now don't panic! I know, we said it was going to be easier right? Well it is, and you don't need to be a technical guru either to find this both easy and fun so wait to see our ideas.

Firstly, Web 2.0 has changed the way things are done online. Now even the complete novice can create great looking web pages and they're free (leaving you more money to spend on all that delicious food!) Web 2.0 has many different applications that enable you to quickly and easily add photos, video, music, etc. to a web page and customize it to make it completely your own.

Now, go ahead and create your party invitations using these great tools. Add some photos of the delicious food you will be preparing or get people to give their opinions on what you should serve using a poll application. Add some music and maybe even a few video clips.

Once you have created your free party invitations then send out the link via email and tell your guests where they can find the details and respond.

They will love what you have done! And they don't even need to know how easy and cheap it was. They will also love the fact that they can interact on your page - placing comments on your comment wall, messaging each other, giving their opinion on your polls, etc.

Outdoor Party Planning

Apart from the outdoor event catering there are also other aspects of effective outdoor party planning and event management. There will probably be a number of people involved and you will need to assign them their tasks and make sure they play their part in making the day a huge success. You can do this using our task manager to make life easier and not be left with all the work. If you are concerned that someone may forget to do what they're told then set up automated emails to go out to your volunteers asking them to check the task manager regularly.

Outdoor event catering can also be very expensive and so you will want to find other ways to save money. Saving on your party invitations and web-based event management tools through Events Listed is the first step, but we also provide you with a budget manager so that you can see where your money is going, allocate money to different things and then its up to you to try and find cheap party supplies.

Events Listed is a great tool to have at your disposal when you are doing outdoor event catering and management, so go and sign up for your free account today and all the best for a great day.

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