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Selecting your Wedding Menu A Culinary Delight

Selecting a wedding menu can be a challenging task especially taking into consideration the dietary requirements of your guests. When presented with the many culinary options available a bride and groom could feel overwhelmed. A little research and the assistance of friends and relatives could alleviate some of the stress associated with selecting the wedding menu.
The style and location of your wedding reception can influence the type of menu served. A sit down traditional wedding would include a three or four course lavish affair. It is a good idea to do some research before choosing your wedding catering. Be creative and attempt to select a stylish wedding menu. Modern Australian is a popular choice and will suit the majority of those attending. Modern Australian cuisine encompasses European interpretation of traditional dishes, Asian influences, Middle Eastern and other exotic flavors.
Most reception centers or caterers are willing to sit down and discuss the menu with you. Reception venues will also take into consideration any dietary requirements of the guests such as those with celiac and also vegetarians. Many will introduce you to the chef or even allow you to sample some of the signature dishes. It is important to have a complete menu that is balanced and will satisfy the majority of the guests.   Obscure dishes that the bride and the groom like may not be the taste of the rest of the guests. If a large portion of your guests are a particular nationality or cultural background, their tastes should be considered and it is necessary to serve food that they will enjoy.
When creating the wedding menu think about a balanced selection to suit many different tastes. It is also important to consider when catering your wedding the length of the event. A five to six hour reception following an afternoon wedding ceremony should include a substantial meal.   Included as a part of either a wedding reception or caterers package is serving a variety of canapés at the beginning of the evening before the event allowing the guests to mingle whilst waiting for the bride and groom.  
It is a good idea to have two alternatives for each course to suit many tastes and palates. Typically the entrée or the first course could include a pasta or dish. The main course traditionally is a choice of a red and white meat. Desserts could be anything from strawberry crepes to chocolate mousse. Anything goes with desserts. It is also more common to have a fourth course which could be either be a tapas platter before the entrée or a cheese platter served at the end of the meal.   Many brides and grooms are also opting to have the wedding cake as dessert.   But it is always nice to have the cake at the end of the evening with coffee or tea.
When choosing your wedding menu it is always a good idea to get some help from parents and friends. Maybe seek the assistance of those with more sophisticated palates. Experiment with different flavors and truly embrace your wedding reception menu.

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