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Top 5 Unusual Wedding Locations

Making your wedding day a memorable event can be done just by the type of location you have. It can be a dream location or something more unique to give your guests a grand old time and give you the best wedding day you could have ever imagined. But where can you find these unusual wedding locations? Here are some ideas.

1. A museum. This may sound strange, but that is the whole point isn't it? Many museums have grand rooms and elegant, historical stairways that will be perfect for weddings. This will be interesting and fun with a stunning backdrop for photos.

2. A theater. This is the top choice for theater buffs or those with an inner thespian. Choosing a fabulous theater will also be amazing for photos and the high ceilings and plenty of lighting will offer most of the décor you could ever need. You can also use the actual inside of the theater and get married on the stage if you are allowed, with the guests as your audience.

3. Inside a cave. Caves are stunning and all you would need to get married here is the priest and your guests. The décor is already there for you. This will be a most amazing and unusual wedding location.

4. On a mountain top. This will offer breathtaking views and also, no décor is needed. You can find wonderful venues and catering at places like Table Mountain in South Africa for the most memorable wedding ever.

5. One of the most fun and unusual wedding locations is at an adventure area. You can get married under the water at the Great Barrier Reef, while sky diving in Italy, or even while bungee jumping in South America. Talk about leaping into it...!

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